Sisal Fibre

In was 1986 when, following a good intuition, Anna Maria and her husband Diego offered some breeders a handful of sisal fibres on trial, to be used as nesting material for their birds bred in captivity.

The successful result of this trial led the way to the birth of company Sisal Fibre, who invented a new concept of bird breeding by selecting and testing the best vegetable products offered by nature as nesting materials.

Over the years, experience has taught us that there is not one best product par excellence: each breeder has their own needs which might be different from others’. Those who breed in a humid and warm garage may not need to use the same fibres as for a breeding farm outdoor in a dry and fresh place.

This concept is very important for us, because the right product can solve effectively all the problems a nest might have like the excess of humidity.

The core of our job is the search for the natural products of the best quality, like those birds may choose in the wild to build up their nest.